Our Operations Vision

To ensure sustainable delivery performance and quality.

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We design our production areas to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. By using innovative technologies, we optimise energy consumption and save valuable resources.

The Pfannenberg Operations Vision makes a significant contribution to this. With it, the ongoing investment in operational excellence continues in order to achieve both a Smart Factory and Sustainable Green Factory.

To achieve this, we are continuing to drive forward the automation of our production facilities. Only in this way can we further optimise our processes and production lines and increase their efficiency.

Furthermore, we are concerned with the CO2 footprint at the Hamburg site. The aim is to minimise this continuously in order to realise a climate-neutral CO2 balance of the production sites in the long term.

Similarly, the supply chain is part of the Operations Vision. Topics such as the expansion of 24-hour delivery capability or digital ordering processes contribute to ensuring that we continue to meet our customer requirements in the future. This is the only way to ensure the sustainable continuation of our business.