Our commitment to the REACH Regulation

To protect human health and the environment.

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The EU law REACH has regulated the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals since June 2007. At Pfannenberg, we take these requirements very seriously and therefore reliably implement them in our day-to-day work to this day.

Our goal is to make the identification of chemical substances used by Pfannenberg as transparent as possible. The REACH regulation helps us to implement this. This is the most advanced chemicals legislation in the world.

According to the REACH regulation, the products we supply to you are classified as so-called manufactured items. Pfannenberg is a "subsequent" user in the sense of the REACH regulation, as our company is not a manufacturer of the designated substances.

Thus, Pfannenberg is actually not directly affected by this regulation and is not officially subject to the registration obligation described in the regulation.

Nevertheless, we ensure that all chemical substances and components supplied to Pfannenberg comply with the requirements of the REACH regulation. This means that you are always on the safe side with Pfannenberg. Let us contribute together to improving the protection of the environment and health through the consistent identification of chemical substances.