Chillers open up for U.S. market with UL certification

UL508A certified Pfannenberg chillers now ready to order

From now on our customers can order an UL508A certified chiller within the CCE, EB 2.0 and EB 2.0 Large families (1.6 to 44 kW).

Complying to UL standards is optional but Pfannenberg has chosen to pursue this globally recognised accreditation to improve our support of our international OEM customers.

Why is it important to be certified by UL from our point of view?

Underwriter’s Laboratories is a U.S. based independent safety and certification company that has developed more than 1,300 safety standards, many of which are American National Standards (ANSI). The standard UL508A defines guidelines for panel builders, e.g. on component selection or wiring methods. By following those guidelines and receiving the certification we make sure to meet all the requirements set by UL and complying to U.S. standards. This ensures our customers easy entry to the U.S. market.

For more information please visit our Know-How-Page as well: UL Chillers