Compact machine integration in proven quality

The new CPC 1600 complements Pfannenberg’s liquid cooling product portfolio with its compact design.

Hamburg, 14. May 2024 The production conditions vary from industry to industry and significantly depend on the material they are working with. For a lot of industries and their unique machinery it is helpful or even necessary to install liquid cooling units directly in the machine design. The CPC 1600 is equipped with a front air inlet, that allows the integration of the chiller inside the machinery, with the only need to leave the front and back side free.

Another specific condition in production may for a lot of industries be a high or low ambient temperature. Our new compact chiller is laid out to work in sites with particularly high ambient temperatures up to +45° C. What makes the CPC 1600 a very easy to maintain chiller is the tried-and-tested filter replacement mechanism, that ensures a quick maintenance and maximum versatility of production time. This minimizes the service time at the customer side, in a small footprint. Another characteristic of the CPC 1600 is the user-friendly plug & play installation, that enables time-saving on-site commissioning.

Find more information about the CPC 1600 here.