Intense BR 50 signal tower - remarkably bright!

The reliable signal tower now also with M12 connection technology for even easier usage

The Intense BR 50 signal tower can be used wherever machine statuses need to be indicated or warning signals need to be given. It impresses with its flexibility and with outstanding perceptibility: The signal tower can be combined with up to five modules at any time and thus configured according to individual needs. The increased light output is provided by powerful, replaceable LEDs, which can also determine the signaling mode.

Continuous, blinking or flashing signaling modes in six different colours are selectable. In addition, supplementary modules such as audible, function-monitored LED modules and an AS-I module are also available.

The new M12 variant makes handling even easier

Visual-, audible or combination signaling devices in all performance classes - all these signaling solutions can already be integrated even faster into your systems and applications thanks to M12 connection technology - and as of now, this is also possible for the Intense BR 50 signal tower. With the options of direct mounting, stand with plinth or bracket mounting, the signal tower has a versatile mounting option with M12.

Advantages of M12 connection technology:

  • Since the device does not have to be opened during installation, wiring and connection errors are avoided, resulting in increased machine and plant safety
  • The power circuits do not have to be interrupted during maintenance, modification and replacement of the equipment, which results in time and cost savings
  • The simple plug-in technology increases flexibility and acceptance among planners and users, since no specialists are required for installation

Pre-configured signal towers without assembly

The slim and remarkably bright signal tower can also be ordered fully assembled and ready for installation in three different variants. Therefore, no configuration of modules is necessary, only the wiring must be done. This avoids a lot of time spent on assembling the individual modules, if it is clear in advance that the application requires a standard traffic light with a green, yellow and red module, for example. Since the preconfigured variants are listed under one article number, the ordering effort is reduced for the purchaser. These pre-configured variants are available in 24V AC/DC with a 100 mm tube.

More information about the Intense BR 50 signal tower can be found on the product page


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Intense BR 50 signal tower

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