IRES Shopfloor Analytics increases efficiency of all shopfloors

Plug & Play solution digitizes production of small and large manufacturing.

Electrical engineering specialist Pfannenberg has developed the plug & play solution IRES Shopfloor Analytics, which enables plant/machine operators and shopfloor managers to achieve full transparency of their productivity.

IRES Shopfloor Analytics allows uniform remote monitoring as well as the analysis and optimization of all machine and production processes - fast, easy and safe. Thus, machine and manual workstations of different manufacturers can be interlinked in no time and the data is available right from the first time switched on. Users can thus immediately identify waste and save costs.

"When we at Pfannenberg started to digitise our own production, we experienced first-hand how difficult it is to enter the world of Industry 4.0. Signals from different machines, manufacturers, interfaces and a mix of machine and assembly cells required visualization and a uniform monitoring solution in order to be able to uncover savings potential," says Jakob Scheitza, Junior Business Development Manager. "With IRES Shopfloor Analytics we succeeded in creating a simple, automated solution to increase efficiency for all manufacturing companies".

Visualization via live dashboard and networking via mesh network

With IRES Shopfloor Analytics, the current status can be determined based on real-time data and displayed on a live dashboard, even with a heterogeneous machine park or different assembly stations. The dashboard also visualizes the complete production area in 2D views and allows the configuration of signals and data. The configuration of states can be carried out in such a way that the user is already presented with the logical connection of the different signals. The possibility to monitor configure manufacturing processes from a distance is particularly important in Corona times.

The production facilities are easily and wirelessly networked with each other via mesh network. The complete data history of the operating states is available with the solution for a continuous improvement process, for example to increase the productivity of the machinery or the efficiency of a single assembly station. For users, this means preventing or minimizing downtimes and increasing the processing times in production. The intelligent wireless technology, where the transmitter does not necessarily have to be near the receiver, also offers maximum safety at industry standard.

Powerful and safe by Cybus Connectware as IIoT Edge Gateway

To ensure that production plants of all kinds can be connected universally, non-competitively and securely, IRES Shopfloor Analytics relies on the IIoT Edge Gateway "Connectware" from the Hamburg-based specialist Cybus at the core of its solution. While conventional approaches often prove to be a data dead end, the measurement bus concept of the Cybus solution is ready for systematic expansion. Cybus Connectware allows the system to be expanded almost indefinitely to include more and more data sources and to integrate with third-party systems such as MES or IoT platforms: Ideal for individual application scenarios around IRES Shopfloor Analytics.