Managing Director of Pfannenberg UK states on Brexit Strategy

The Pfannenberg Group has supported UK businesses for over 25 years and made the commitment for the United Kingdom to be its first international subsidiary. The same commitment to the UK market persists even in times of Brexit.

Brexit will clearly pose a risk to business disruption and the outcome is not yet certain. However, it is reasonable to assume that there will be disruption in getting shipments into the UK at least in the short term as a new process is implemented by Governments”, says Mark Rosten-Edwards, Managing Director of Pfannenberg UK.

Although the issues surrounding Brexit are out of Pfannenberg’s remit the company has implemented a strategy to mitigate them as far as possible.

Currency Fluctuations are not a new topic for the GBP on the fiscal markets and for globally operating Pfannenberg. As in the past, Pfannenberg will continue to manage this with a long-term view.

Regarding Trade Tariffs there is no proposal currently on what these are or even what they might be. The majority of Pfannenberg’s product is manufactured in the EU and at present the UK enjoys zero tariffs. However, Pfannenberg expects this to change and decision will be made when we are accordingly informed.

With respect of Shipping we anticipate a short-term delay with ports and movement of goods akin to a road system at rush hour. Pfannenberg therefore has increased the stocks in the UK warehouse based on communication with our customers and the support of the factory to cover this hurdle. Once the new process is known we expect this initial phase to subside and normal service to begin.

With regards to addressing future shipping teams in Hamburg and UK will work through the process when it is known. As a Global company with factories on three continents we are well versed in varied protocols for shipping globally.

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