PD 2100

Continuous light

Status lights for universal use

  • machine light in an elegant pyramid design

EurAsian Conformity

Technical data

Electrical dataPD 2100
Rated voltagemax. 250 V
Power consumptionmax. 15 W *

* light source not included in delivery

Choose a lens in one of the following colours: clear, yellow, amber, red, green, blue.

Further technical details can be found in the Download section on this page.


Description Type Size
Assembly instruction PD 2100 pdf 350 KB Download
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Product Sheet

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pdf 140 KB Download

3D-Model (IGS)

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zip 220 KB Download

3D-Model (SAT)

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3D-Model (STEP)

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Declaration of Conformity

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EAC Certificate

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Ordering details

Ordering detailsPD 2100
Lens colourSocketBA15d
clearArticle number21120301000
yellowArticle number21120303000
amberArticle number21120304000
redArticle number21120305000
greenArticle number21120306000
blueArticle number21120307000

* Please order light source separately

To make the order process easy for you and to ensure a secure delivery, please see the information on the final article numbers.

Article numbers for products with further lens colours and voltages on request.

Options / Accessories

Product Benefits

  1. 1

    Machinery status light

    The complementary pyramid design provides modern aesthetics for the OEM machine builder.

  2. 2

    Rugged LED technology

    Shock and vibration tolerant, long service life, reliable operation, zero maintenance, and low power consumption.

  3. 3

    Opaque illumination effect

    The coloured lens offers an attractive signal glow and eliminates LED light “hot spots”.

  4. 4


    Supplying of the light directly by bus system. Control and function monitoring directly via AS interface (PD 2100-M-AS-i).

  5. 5

    For safety-relevant applications

    such as x-ray and laser equipment and any other machine.