Thermal management under extreme ambient conditions.

A thermal management solution resistant to vibrations has to be developed for wind power station manufacturers operating globally. The control technology of the rotors is exposed to extreme weathering and temperature fluctuations at their various locations (desert, mountains, offshore). The trend towards ever larger rotors also places the rotor blades under increasing stress levels.

Application requirement.

Tolerance against extreme environmental conditions and fluctuations in terms of temperature, humidity, and air composition. Resistance against shock and vibration occurring for reasons including the extreme impacts affecting the rotors. High-level availability in thermal borderline cases.

The Pfannenberg solution.

To meet these specific requirements, a series of robust high-performance fan heaters was developed: The compact FLH-T models.

The fan heaters have:

  • An integrated thermostat (with optional hygrostat).
  • High heating outputs from 250 W to 1,000 W.
  • A storage and operating temperature of –40 °C to +70 °C.
  • A uniform size to enable problem-free fitting depending on the need for thermal management.
  • Ball bearings (instead of conventional sleeve bearings) to increase life expectancy, particularly at high temperatures.


In both the wind energy industry and in the field of telecommunications, the FLH-T models have gained a leading position. As the only unit available on the global market today, the product meets the demands of the oscillation and shock tests according to DIN EN 60068-2-6 | 60068-2-27 | 60068-2-29 (railway applications – goods train gear). The FLH-T series is certified for the American, Canadian and German markets (UR, CE).

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