Extreme efficiency paired with Cloud connection technology: The X series.

Companies which are adjusting to Industry 4.0 need machines that can communicate. Also in order to reduce the energy requirements of the machines further, they need new intelligent solutions. With the cooling units of the new εCOOL X series we provide both.

New DTI 6X1E (1000–2600 W)

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    Simplified dimensioning

    Thanks to highly efficient speed control, every unit covers a wide power range. This leads to a small type diversity and correspondingly to a large design safety.

    • DTI 6X1E with a performance range of 1,000–2,600 W
    • DTI 6X2E with 2,000 to 4,300 W A power range of 800–4,000 W is covered with only 2 units!

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    Highly efficient BLDC technology

    The innovative, brushless direct current technology (Brushless DC) makes an extreme energy efficiency (EER) of >6 possible. Thereby, the cooling occurs with high precision within a very tight tolerance range.

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    Premium Controller

    The operating unit which was developed especially for this series makes communication between the cooling unit and machine control possible and also the integration into production processes.

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    As part of the cloud solution the open industry standard Modbus guarantees the communication between the cooling unit and the GSM module for the purpose of data transfer to the cloud. Additionally, the integration into the existing machine control is easy to implement.

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    Cloud technology

    The cloud solution developed in cooperation with Telekom Deutschland enables browser-based access to the time unit data and storage and analysis of log data.

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    Long passage of air

    The large distance between the cold air outlet (bottom) and warm air inlet (top), has aerodynamically improved circulation of the electrical enclosure which prevents hot spots on especially stressed components.


Cloud capable: ready for the Internet of things

In cooperation with Telekom Deutschland GmbH, we have developed a cloud solution which makes it possible for the users to retrieve status data, diagnosis data and alarm statuses live and regardless of location via a web browser.

Maximum efficiency in partial-load operation

In comparison to energy efficiency of the existing εCOOL devices which is already very good, the speed-controlled models of the new X-series offer in full-load operation an efficiency increase of over 10 % (operating point 35/35 according to DIN EN 14511). This increases successively to a maximum value of 200 %. 

The BLDC technology has even more advantages, such as a lower contamination of the condenser and thus a longer service life with the corresponding long maintenance intervals. Additionally, the temperature run no longer has "leaps" – the temperature curve is highly smoothed out. Overheating and undercooling are securely prevented and cabinet components are protected.

Speed control – does not save on performance, but on consumption

The cooling units from the εCOOL X series have impressive performance values. Thanks to innovative, brushless direct current technology (BLDC), the DTI 6X1E model offers a performance range of 800 to 2,200 W. The inverter control of the compressor and the ventilators make the partial-load operation very quiet and energy efficient with an extreme energy efficiency ratio (EER) of >6.

Effortless upgrade thanks to cut-out compatibility

Like all units from the εCOOL series, the models from the X-series have a high service and mounting friendliness. Their powder-coated steel housing is cut-out compatible with other εCOOL cooling solutions and enables a problem free exchange without mechanical correction.


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