Energy-efficient for the future: the new Green Series

Our Pfannenberg engineering team has improved the DTI/DTS 6000 units. With the new Green Series we are setting completely new standards in terms of energy efficiency.

Beneficial for the environment - beneficial for you

To calculate your energy savings by using the units of our new Green Series, please follow this link:

Energy Efficiency Calculator 

What do you have to consider during a changeover?

  • The units receive a new article number.
  • The mechanical installation does not change.
  • The design has been slightly adjusted to achieve better airflow.
  • The electrical connection is now positioned centrally.
  • In case of service, a new unit can replace any old one.

Which units exactly are affected by this change?

We will change over all versions of the following products to our new Green Series during the first quarter of 2022:

  • DTS/DTI 6201
  • DTS/DTI 6301
  • DTS/DTI 6401
  • DTS/DTI 6501
  • DTS/DTI 6801

Download Center

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Green Series Flyer

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Electrical connection QuickSwitch

400/460V and CutOut

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Announcement for partners

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Comparison of old and new article numbers

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Product Sheets

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3D-models DTI/DTS 6201-6301 (STEP)

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3D-models DTI/DTS 6401-6501 (STEP)

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3D-models DTI/DTS 6801 (STEP)

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Controller at a glance

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