Are you ready for EN 54-23?

Pfannenberg offers planning security for all building projects

Hamburg, February 2013 – From 1 March 2013 onwards, fire alarm systems must have, according to EN 54, visual and/or visual-audible signaling devices which comply with DIN EN 54-23 requirements and which have the necessary certification.

With the EN 54-23 taking effect, demands are also being made regarding the light output and light distribution for all visual signaling devices. Furthermore, in many cases of alarms in which up to now solely an audible signal has been sounded, an additional visible signal must be used in the future.

Ambient noise, so-called acoustic smog, the use of ear protection or headphones and hearing difficulties hinder the perceptibility of audible danger signals and make additional visible signaling necessary.

In addition, the technical criteria for connections to link fire alarm systems directly to the fire and rescue services of the emergency management agencies require EN 54 (in all parts). This means that a connection can only take place when the EN 54-23 requirements have been fulfilled.

As a result, all visual signaling devices which have been approved up until now will lose their certifications and may no longer be used for new installations according to EN 54 after 1 March 2013. The new Pfannenberg signaling technology which conforms to all the standards and is aimed at planners, architects, builders, manufacturers of fire alarm systems, electrical wholesalers and suppliers of electrical equipment manufacturers of fire alarm systems, electrical wholesalers and suppliers of electrical equipment is approved for all the countries in the EU.

What needs to be done? Besides the modification of the contractual basis, the tender specification and the position, the EN 54 specifications for all current and future projects must be met. It is essential to inform the client beforehand and to consider the EN 54-23 prior to approving all fire alarm systems.

For support Pfannenberg offers its Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS), which enables the customer to determine the appropriate signaling technology solution for his needs. It is particularly useful for the selection of the correct signaling device according to the standards in the fields of fire detection technology, machine safety and machine operation. For more information see Pfannenberg's Sizing Sofware, PSS.

The Pfannenberg flashlight PY X-S-05 and the combined visual-audible device PA X 1-05 are available in the standardized lamp cap colours red and clear and ensure an immediate planning security for all building projects.

For more information please visit our EN 54-23 competence page.