ECO Chillers: Chillers with a new cooling concept offer significant savings

At the sps ipc drives 2014, Pfannenberg presents chillers which enable savings of up to 65%.

Hamburg, November 2014. Pfannenberg, the specialist for industrial thermal management, extends its comprehensive range of chillers and presents, with the ECO Chiller, an innovative solution for process cooling. Thanks to a new cooling concept that is based on required cooling capacity, the operator benefits from considerable energy savings and also from additional capacity for peaks in performance. As a result of the high control precision of ±0.1 K at different cooling requirements, the units are appropriate for extremely sophisticated applications, for example in machine tool building. This includes milling machines with precision spindles, where a variation in the cooling temperature would have a negative effect on the production tolerance of the work piece.

The ECO Chiller has both a speed-controlled compressor and a speed-controlled fan. This means the output of the electric drive can be regulated according to your needs, in comparison to conventional concepts with an on/off function. The energy intensive hot gas bypass over which the excess cooling capacity is normally counteracted, is omitted. As a result of these measures, we have succeeded in reducing the power consumption considerably, particularly in the partial load range of 0 to 80% load.

In comparison to Pfannenberg’s standard units from the EB Series, the ECO chiller enables energy savings of up to 65% at minimal load and, even at full load, it works more energy efficiently. In the practical test, during which a typical working day with varying loads was assumed, the result was an average energy savings of about 40%.

Initially, Pfannenberg will introduce into the market an ECO chiller with a cooling capacity of 3,200 W. Thanks to the inverter technology, the unit is even able to cover performance peaks of up to 3,700 W for a short time.

Additionally, the optimized cooling concept comprises a new pump technology which means there is much less vibration and much less noise when it is operated, contributing to an increased life expectancy of the unit. Moreover, Pfannenberg has decided to use a more environmentally friendly medium, the high performance refrigerant R410A, which is characterized by a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP).

With the ECO Chiller concept, the specialist for thermal management technology is proficient in re-cooling systems for both water cooling and oil cooling. In combination with air/water heat exchangers, water chillers provide an optimum system solution: all cooling applications can be implemented on a system, machine or also on a switch cabinet via a closed piping system easily and economically. The ECO Chiller have the same dimensions as the units from the EB series and they are just as maintenance friendly – thanks to good accessibility from all sides. The range of up to 30 optional features is just as comprehensive as with the well-known EB series.