Instant partially recessed installation of PYRA® and PATROL signaling devices

Fast and space-saving fitting of signaling devices with a new installation kit

Hamburg, 5 December 2016. A new and practical installation kit from electro-technology specialists Pfannenberg allows fast and space-saving installation of the signaling devices in the tried and tested PATROL and PYRA® ranges. The new kit includes everything, from screws to seals, required for simple, partially recessed installation of the devices in the wall or door of an electrical enclosure. The protective metal cover in which the installation kits are supplied not only protects the signaling devices, but also the fitters by shielding the devices from the other electronic equipment and cables in the interior of the enclosure. Because the partially recessed devices occupy so little space once they are fitted, manufacturers of electrical enclosures can usually use the original packaging of the enclosure for transport later on. This saves on any additional packaging costs.

Fast to install, reliable alerting

Thanks to their innovative design, Pfannenberg's well-established PYRA® signaling devices, which are used for visual and visual/audible alerting in machine safety applications and for fire and gas alerting, offer a particularly large coverage volume. The housing concept and pre-wiring exclude the possibility of incorrect installation. The upper and lower parts fit together automatically with quick-fit connectors, cutting the time required for assembly and installation. PYRA®-L (“Large”), the latest addition to the series, is available in two versions – as a flashing XENON light and as a sounder/flashing Xenon light combination – and is suitable for ceiling heights up to 15 metres.

Sounder installation made easy

Pfannenberg also sets new standards with the PATROL series in terms of time and cost savings. These modern sounders do not fail to impress with a wide range of frequencies, high IP class (IP 66) and fast installation. The upper and lower parts are not screw-connected, which cuts the time required for assembly and disassembly. The housing concept and the automatic contact electronics guarantee safe, fault-free installation.