New Managing Director at Pfannenberg

Lars Platzhoff is the new Managing Director at Pfannenberg Europe GmbH.

He replaces Ottmar Gerlach, who has retired from the electro-technology company. Platzhoff is stepping in to lead Pfannenberg on a continued path of growth and to open up new markets and sectors for the medium-sized company. Ottmar Gerlach is assuming a role on the advisory board.

Hamburg, 30 July 2015. Lars Platzhoff has served in the past as CEO and board member for renowned medium-sized companies worldwide. On 1 May he joined the Hamburg-based family-owned company. He is taking over the management of Pfannenberg Europe GmbH, subsidiaries in France and Italy, and the seat on the corporate board of the company from his predecessor, Ottmar Gerlach. He can draw on his comprehensive knowledge in a wide range of industrial applications and his experience in project planning and service. 'Mr Platzhoff's industry expertise will help us to further establish Pfannenberg as a solution provider in a variety of industrial areas and open up new business fields,' explained Chairman of the Executive Management of Pfannenberg Group Holding GmbH, Andreas Pfannenberg.

Understanding change as an opportunity

In his new role, Platzhoff will promote the market expansion of the medium-sized company: 'This applies regionally and for entry into additional industries in which Pfannenberg not currently operative,' said Platzhoff. 'We will also expand our competence for solutions and services,' explained Platzhoff. The goal is to offer customers comprehensive, innovative solutions which are tailored exactly to their requirements. The change in management personnel has been planned for a long time. Platzhoff's predecessor, Ottmar Gerlach, who provided the company with more than 20 years of service, advised the new Managing Director during a two-month transition phase. Platzhoff will also succeed Gerlach as a member of the Committee on External Economic Relations of the German electrical industry association ZVEI and the German Association of Switchgear Manufacturers BDSAH.

Preserving knowledge Ottmar Gerlach assumes a role on the advisory board

Ottmar Gerlach was named to the advisory board of the group of companies. 'We are pleased that we will continue to benefit from Mr Gerlach's knowledge and extensive experience,' explained Andreas Pfannenberg. Gerlach began as the Sales Manager of the medium-sized company in 1994. Over the years he was involved in the founding of various companies which he also managed. Among his merits are the establishment and expansion of important business partnerships both domestically and internationally. 'We would like to express our gratitude to Mr Gerlach for many years of collaboration and we wish him all the best in his retirement,' said Andreas Pfannenberg.