Pfannenberg Chillers: durable and economical

Optimum utilisation of process water with water/water heat exchangers

Hamburg, November 2014. Pfannenberg chillers guarantee a provision and cooling of the medium water which is both central and economical. The PWW Chillers are a new generation of cooling units which are based on the principle of passive cooling. Process water that is already there, is used to dissipate the accruing power loss of the customers’ applications via a plate heat exchanger. The only prerequisite for this is that the process water is a lower temperature than the cooling water on customer side. If this criteria is fulfilled, then the chillers from the PWW series come into use and ensure that there is a precise, exact temperature regulation. In order to reach a constant cool water temperature on the secondary side, the process water flow is automatically controlled on the primary side. As a result of the sophisticated design, it is very easy to integrate PWW chillers with their closed cooling water circuit into an existing water supply.

The water/water heat exchangers are available as standard with 9000 - 24000 watt cooling capacity and can be used for the provision of cold water from +10 °C to +35 °C. The standard portfolio is complemented by units as a customized client solution with a reduced capacity of 4000 - 6000 watt.

Pfannenberg‘s passive chillers are maintenance-free, therefore they offer enormous cost savings potential like all thermal management technologies from Pfannenberg. The detachable panelling enables easy access to the components, the corrosion-resistant water piping and the closed pressurized system are maintenance-free. The temperature is regulated by a programmable thermostat in combination with a 3-way valve which ensure that the water temperature is kept precisely at a constant level.

A hydraulic bypass, water filter and flow monitor are available as accessories. Customized solutions and a UL-certification can be realized on request.