Pfannenberg expands its process cooling portfolio

EB 2.0 and EB XT series chillers bring a new dimension in efficiency, ease of maintenance and compact design to process cooling

Hamburg, May 2, 2016. Electro-technology specialist Pfannenberg has added the new EB 2.0 and EB XT series chillers to its portfolio of process-cooling solutions. While the series 2.0 is an enhancement of the existing EB series, offering cooling capacity from 3.2 to 16 kW, the XT series with capacity from 36 to 150 kW is a brand new solution designed for demanding applications. Both series feature high energy efficiency, service friendliness and compact design. Users benefit from lower energy and operating costs, space-saving design, high reliability and a long machine life.

Extreme cooling

Available in nine variants and three frame sizes, the EB XT series achieves cooling capacity of up to 150 kW – that hits new heights for Pfannenberg's chiller portfolio. Using microchannel heat exchangers as condensers makes for a particularly efficient, compact and corrosion-resistant solution. They need 50 % less mounting space than comparable pipe or fin condensers. Furthermore, they require around half as much cooling fluid and weigh approximately 60 % less. An electronically controlled expansion valve allows the pressure to be regulated precisely at the limits of the power range and improves efficiency by optimising the evaporation characteristics. The standard version of the chillers can be installed outside; there is no need for additional components. This allows customers to take a flexible approach to their use, either inside or outside factory halls.

Cutting operating costs

The use of electronically commutated motors (EC motors) and RPM-regulated fans lowers the energy consumed by the XT chillers. Scroll compressors result in a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to comparable reciprocating compressors. Scroll compressors are also quieter. Highly efficient R410A cooling fluid also improves the machines' effectiveness. Overall, using RPM-regulated fans, electronically controlled expansion valves and scroll compressors cuts the energy and operating costs by around 20 %.

Accurate Control

The chillers in the EB XT series are fitted with modern control and sensor technology. A digital display on the front shows temperature, pressure, fill level and status values for monitoring and adjustment. Information is displayed in plain text on the controller. Users can update software via USB or the Internet. The chillers can communicate via any standard fieldbus protocol. Numerous standard options allow customisation of the XT devices so that they can be used for a wide range of applications.

Liquid cooling solutions

The combination of EB series chillers with Pfannenberg heat exchangers creates system solutions which allow users to run all the cooling functions on an assembly, a machine or an electrical enclosure simply and economically via a closed pipe system.

"Process cooling is a wide-ranging and diverse growth market which we can service with our extended portfolio," explains Vincent von Wieding, Business Development Manager Chillers. "We are seeing a growing trend towards integrated solutions in process cooling. Our solution in this area is to combine application-specific chillers with air/water heat exchangers. This approach is particularly suitable for applications in which power must not be dissipated in the immediate environment, where the ambient air is too aggressive to allow the use of traditional cooling devices, where high-level protection is required or where the cooling devices must be maintenance-free. In the process cooling sector, Pfannenberg is the only manufacturer to offer advice, application-specific configuration, installation and maintenance in addition to a range of different cooling devices."

Next generation process cooling

The enhanced chillers in the EB 2.0 series add to the process cooling portfolio, too. They are available in two sizes from 3.2 to 9.5 kW and 14 to 16 kW. Thanks to their reworked design and high-quality components, the chillers in the EB 2.0 series offer maximum efficiency without output losses in accordance with ErP guideline 2009/125/EU. Five standard configurations and up to 30 options allow the system to be adapted to almost any application.

The new metal housing makes the EB 2.0 chillers more robust and allows them to harmonise better with the user's machine design. The integrated microchannel condenser reduces the quantity of cooling agent required and modifications to the interior allow service personnel easier access. An additional air filter extends maintenance intervals.

The EB 2.0 devices can be used at ambient temperatures from -20 °C to +45 °C. As they can be regulated with very high accuracy, – ±0.1 K for different cooling requirements – the EB series chillers can be used in the most demanding applications, such as the automotive industry, machine tool construction, the packaging industry and laser cutting machines.