Pfannenberg Signaling Technology with a 10 year warranty

An extended warranty for signaling devices worldwide

Hamburg, 1. October 2013. Pfannenberg invented the industrial flashing light 50 years ago. Today Pfannenberg is a full-service supplier of visual and audible signaling for all application areas in industry and building technology. From 1. October 2013 onwards, Pfannenberg provides a 10 year warranty on signaling devices worldwide as the first manufacturer in the world.

“Continuous development and a high standard of quality have made Pfannenberg to a leading manufacturer in the signaling technology sector. We would like to pass this advantage on to our customers in the form of a 10 year warranty,” says Volker Matthies, Global Product Manager Signaling Technology at Pfannenberg. “We are aware of the durability and versatility of our products, which are usable all over the world.”

The 10 year warranty comprises the flashing lights and sounders from the PATROL and PYRA series which have been certified according to the latest EU regulations EN 54-3 and/or EN 54-23 since the beginning of 2013. Also included, are the particularly impact resistant flashing lights and LED lights for harsh environments from the Quadro series and the DS sounders with an especially high-level IP protection. All signal devices have, depending on the type of device, the respective international approvals.

Quadro lights in particular are used in many art illumination projects to this day. Thus, thousands of Quadro lights illuminate the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Trinity Bridge and TV tower in St Petersburg, the art museum in Hamburg and many more objects worldwide.

Pfannenberg is strengthening its position as a supplier of innovative signaling devices with a high demand on quality at the best value for money.

More information on the 10 year warranty you will find right here.