Pfannenberg Top Mounted Cooling Units

Space-saving. Patented Condensate Safety. Perfect Cooling.

Pfannenberg, the electro-technology specialist from Hamburg, has overhauled its top mounted cooling units and now meets all industry demands for cost-savings, space savings and energy savings. The top mounted cooling units provide 100 per cent protection against condensate with their unique, patented condensate management.

Hamburg, 1 October 2015. The overhauled version of the Pfannenberg DTT top mounted cooling units can be placed on top of all conventional control cabinets, thus saving space. The units provide 100 per cent condensate protection and are convincing when in operation, because of optimised energy efficiency. The result is cooling units with perfect thermal management, even in limited spaces – and at minimal operating costs and maximum safety.

Pfannenberg’s DTT top mounted cooling units: more space, lower costs

Pfannenberg’s DTT top mounted cooling units show their particular strengths everywhere where there is limited space or where emergency escape routes and production lines have to be kept clear. As they are placed on top of the cooling units, expensive storage space can be minimised and small rooms can be made good use of. In addition, the top mounted units are protected against mechanical damage in the industrial processing area and against collisions with conveyor vehicles like fork lift trucks.

100 per cent condensate protection: four challenges mastered innovatively

In the past, users of top mounted cooling units had to make the experience that condensate water caused significant damage in the control cabinet when conventional top mounted cooling units were in operation. Thus, manufacturers of switchboards could not make use of the advantages of top mounted cooling units. The DTT series’ patented condensate management prevents condensate water from forming in the cooling unit to 100 per cent. The cold area of the cooling unit, in which the air is cooled, is in the top part of the unit. All components which generate warmth are in the bottom part. Thus, no cold bridge develops on the roof of the cooling unit and the formation of condensate inside the control cabinet is prevented consistently. Condensate water which forms on the evaporator in the DTT cooling unit can now be disposed of effectively because of the new positioning of the components; by vertical pipes instead of by the usual horizontal pipes. Accumulated condensate water right into the device because of kinked hoses is now ruled out. To prevent the condensate water on the evaporator from being carried along and then getting into the control cabinet with the cold air, the DTT units operate with a reduced air speed on the large evaporator. This ensures a “dry” air flow towards the control cabinet. So that the cold air can safely reach the base of the control cabinet, the air is accelerated in the cold air outlet via jets. Air hoses or ducts, on which condensate can also form, are not required. Thus, all the air circulates in the control cabinet without the danger of condensate forming inside the control cabinet. The advantages of top mounted cooling units can now be safely used by all manufacturers of switchboards.

Economical: optimised energy efficiency thanks to innovative technology

In comparison to the previous models, the energy efficiency of the new DTT series could be increased by another ten per cent. In addition, the heat exchanger and the geometry of the air outlet have been improved. In the energy saving mode, the operating costs can be reduced even further by enabling the internal fan to switch off automatically. The integrated multimaster function also makes it possible to link several devices for a parallel cooling operation via a two-wire connection.

Flexible: three installation sizes, six performance classes, numerous filter media

The DTT series is available in three installation sizes and six performance classes – from 500 W to 4,000 W. Therefore, they provide the optimum cooling for control cabinets from every manufacturer. Furthermore, the product range of filter media covers virtually every area, for example aluminium filters for air containing oil or aerosols or fluted filters for highly dusty environments. Pfannenberg’s DTT top mounted cooling units comply with the protection class up to IP 54 level of protection for control cabinets.