Two new sizes to fit every need

We are expanding our portfolio of Air/Water Heat Exchangers Slim Series with a 300 W and a 12.5 kW unit.

Machine design is a big topic for customers. On the one hand small cabinets need to be cooled in warmer environment, e.g. in plastic extrusion processes. On the other hand already big machines get even bigger – at least with regard to their installed drive power (motors & inverters) – and therefore need a higher cooling capacity in order to deal with the increased heat load.

In addition, water cooling gets more and more popular since this cooling method is low in maintenance and eco-friendly. One big advantage compared to a conventional AC unit is, that you can realize a much bigger cooling power.  

This made the decision to expand the portfolio of our Air/Water Heat Exchangers Slim Series quite easy and we’re now not only offering units with a cooling capacity between 600 W and 10.0 kW, but also a unit with 300 W (PWS 7032) and another at the other end of the scale with 12.5 kW (PWS 71302).

Both units come with a robust steel cover and are easily paintable. As all of our Air/Water Heat Exchanger they are low in maintenance and are designed with a mounting-friendly seal so that no elaborate reworking of the mounting cut-out is necessary.

The 300 W unit is also interchangeable with units of a similar kind from other manufacturers. The 12.5 kW unit on the other hand has an integrated thermostat and solenoid valve for temperature control. A temperature monitoring with an alarm contact is also integrated.

Air/Water Heat Exchangers can be part of numerous applications, e.g. in Plastic Extruders or Recycling Machines.

Discover our portfolio of Air / Water Heat Exchanger Slim Series here. Or do you rather need another kind of Air / Water Heat Exchanger? We’re also offering NEMA Heat Exchanger and Top Mounting units – see here.


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Expansion of our PWS Portfolio

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