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1) We offer our registered partners EPLAN Macros as well as Zuken E3 product data for the Pfannenberg enclosure thermal management solutions for a simple and fast integration of the Pfannenberg components in your electrical design.

2) Various software tools help you, e.g. with the correct heat calculation and selection of the appropriate Pfannenberg thermal management solution (PSS Thermal Management software, also available as App for your tablet PC), which protects against over-sizing (sinks costs) and under-sizing (increases safety). Other tools help with the calculation of the sounder volume (PSS Signal) or the sensible heating size (PSS Heater).

3) Furthermore, you will also find sounder audio samples, many entertaining and interesting films, as well as the new εCOOL-Plant Software. The software allows the connection of the εCOOL cooling devices to the Multi Controller by means of a standard USB cable, type A/B.

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