Zener barriers

Zener barriers

Zener barriers for sounders and lights of the IS-series.

Technical data

Technical data for Zener barriers
TypeVersionRated dataTechnical data
VΩmax. Iongitudinal resistance (Ω)U in at 10 μA (V)U in max. (V)rated safety current (mA)
Z 728Zener barrier + Ve BAS 01 ATEX 70052830032726.528.050
Z 928Zener barrier AC BAS 01 ATEX 70052830032726.027.650
Z 786Diode barrier BAS 01 ATEX 700528Diode A136 + 0.9 V26.528.050
A236 + 0.9 V26.528.050

Further technical details, performance curves and dimensions can be found in the Download Section on this page under Product Sheet.


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TypeZ 728 + VeZ 928 ACZ 786 Diode
Article number381098000003810930000038109800001