Soft Start Module

Soft Start Module SSM2

The module enables the soft start and limitation of the large initial current peaks of capacitive consumers. This includes all DC devices with a smoothing capacitor on the voltage input, regardless of whether the devices are sounders or flashing lights. The SSM soft start module prevents the overloading of the relay contacts when switching on and the premature triggering of overcurrent circuit breakers (e.g. PLC controller). The module is available as a built-in housing for DIN rail mounting or is already integrated in various devices.

Technical data

DataSoft Start Module SSM2
Rated voltage24 V DC
Operating range18–30 V
Nominal current consumption1 A
Operating temperature–40 °C ... +50 °C
Storage temperature–40 °C ... +70 °C
Relative humidity90 %
Suitable for...Article number
DC devices41000000500

Further technical details, performance curves and dimensions can be found in the Download Section on this page under Product Sheet.


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