Applications at the airport

Airports are today’s transportation hubs and Pfannenberg is an experienced partner for builders and operators alike. Pfannenberg’s switchboard air-conditioning and signaling technology ensure safe operation of controls and maintenance-free gas and fire alarm systems - to which numerous references can attest.

Under the runway

Pfannenberg’s two-colour (white/green), pyramid-shaped flashing lights are installed in the passages under the runway for fire alarms: PB 2010

Baggage Claim

Pfannenberg’s vandal-proof flashing and continuous lights are installed in the baggage claim area in order to warn users of the start-up and operation of the conveyor belts: Quadro F12 and PD 2100

Baggage control

Air/water heat exchangers from Pfannenberg are installed in the baggage control area for the cooling of the control units for X-ray equipment: PWS 7332

Obstruction light

The landing and starting aircraft are warned by maintenance-free Pfannenberg LED obstruction lighting on the buildings, tower and cranes: POL 10

Parking ticket automation/cabinets

The electronic equipment of the automatic parking ticket system is protected by Pfannenberg heaters, thermostats and hygrostats against corrosion and short-circuiting caused by undesired condensation: FLZ 510, FLZ 600 and FLH 250

Gas or fire alarm

Maintenance-free electronic alarm sounders and flashing lights provide acoustic and visual warnings for airport visitors and personnel in the event of a gas or fire alarm:

DS 10 and ABL


Even at great distances and in the furthest corners, the personnel in the hangar are informed of aircraft movement by the extremely bright 30 joule flashing lights from Pfannenberg: PMF 2030

Access control systems

Elegant Pfannenberg signal towers inform security personnel of the statuses of various access control systems: BR 50

Information display walls

The large information display walls are protected from damage caused by overheating by Pfannenberg’s patented filterfans: PFA 30.000

Airport tower

The switchboards of the recording systems in the tower are reliably protected from overheating by energy-saving Pfannenberg εCOOL cooling units: DTI 6301

Rolling gates

Rolling gate movement alarms with vibration-resistant Pfannenberg LED signal lights: P450 TLA

Delineation of entries/exits with very bright Pfannenberg rotating mirror safety lights: P400 RTH

Boarding bridges

Operation display (external) of the boarding bridges with externally controlled, flexible LED lights: PMF-LED Flex

Operation display of the escape route identification with 5 joule electronic flashing lights: WBLR