Innovative solutions for maximum process safety

Pfannenberg has worked side-by-side with all renowned automobile manufacturers for over 60 years to create effective solutions along the entire value-added chain – from the pressing plant to the body shell and the final assembly all the way to quality inspection. The following diagram includes some interesting

Pressing area

There is considerable danger for the workers at the presses in the initial stage of automobile production, which is why SIL-conforming signaling devices from Pfannenberg are used there to signal the start-up status: Flashing lights Quadro F12-SIL and alarm sounders DS 10-SIL

Press control

Air-conditioning of the powerful press control units in switching gears with partially integrated side-mounted cooling units from Pfannenberg: DTI 9141

Control terminals

The control terminals are air-conditioned with vibration-free and light Peltier cooling units from Pfannenberg: PTM 100

Assembly robots

The controls of the assembly robots are cooled with powerful filterfans. PF 43.000

Welding robots

Water chillers from Pfannenberg cool the welding robot tips. In combination with air/water heat exchangers, they also protect powerful control units: Chiller EB 60 and heat exchanger PWS 7332

Robot status

Status displays with Pfannenberg signal lamps on the robots - ready for operation, faults, material shortage: BR 50

Paint shop

Due to the presence of solvents and dusts, areas in the paint shop are classified as Ex-zone 2/22. Therefore, correspondingly approved flashing lights and alarm sounders from Pfannenberg signal an alarm in the event of hazardous states: alarm sounder DS 5 3G/3D and flashing light Quadro F12 3G/3D


Extremely demanding environmental conditions prevail in the foundry, where the air is very dusty, hot and aggressive. Therefore, filterfans, air/water heat exchangers and cooling units for elevated environmental temperatures are always used for the cooling of the various controls. Heat exchanger PWS 7702 SL; cooling unit DTS 3265 HT

Engine production

The switch cabinet air-conditioning in the engine production area is provided with anti-condensation rooftop cooling units from Pfannenberg, whereby the full breadth of the passages to the cabinets is maintained: DTT 6301

Noise-intensive areas

Powerful and maintenance-free Pfannenberg alarm sounders and flashing lights assure fire alarming even in the loudest production noise levels (ambient noise level): alarm sounder DS 10 and flashing light PMF 2030

Assembly lines

If the speed on the assembly lines is changed, this is indicted to the assemblers with ASi integrated LED indicators in order to prevent quality reduction: PD 2100-ASi-LED

Seal tests

The formation of condensation is safely prevented during the seal test in the final inspection area with the use of heaters from Pfannenberg: FLH 250