Innovative Equipment for Wind Power Plants

Pfannenberg is one of the leading companies in thermal management and signaling solutions in wind energy. Pfannenberg is supplier for all major wind energy companies and provides Filterfans with 300% longer service life, top mounting cooling units with unique condensate safety and many more.

Obstruction Light for aviation security

Pfannenberg supplies the latest LED obstacle lights with approvals from AVV and ICAO in all important light intensities: POL 32 / POL 10

Brake release alert

When the brakes are released it becomes dangerous for service technicians. However, sounders from Pfannenberg alert loud and clear, so that they can get themselves out of the danger zone: PA 1

Cooling of cabinets

The controls for the obstacle lights are usually in the nacelle to keep the signal transfer paths short. The controls are cooled by Pfannenberg’s filterfans in IP 55 designs: PF 22.000

Condensate protection

Thermostats and hygrostats in combination with heaters and filterfans provide for a good environment thus preventing corrosion and premature aging:
FLZ 510

Vibration resistant heater

Pfannenberg’s heaters have been developed especially for the vibration and shocks in wind energy plants: FLH-T

"Turnable" heater

Special heaters from Pfannenberg are used in the area of pitch controls. They even withstand the constant rotary motion: FLH 250 SL

Lift lighting

Durable, maintenance free LED lights from Pfannenberg indicate dangerous situations or illuminate lifts: Quadro-LED

Tower aviation light

The towers are made secure with Pfannenberg’s tower lights for air traffic control in 10 or 32 candelas brightness: POL 10

Fire alert

Pfannenberg’s tried and tested sounders alert in the event of fire in both industrial plants and public buildings: DS 5

Lift start indication

It becomes dangerous for the mechanics doing maintenance when the tower lift starts. Pfannenberg’s flashing lights warn forcefully: ABL

Enclosure Thermal Management

Space is limited in the tower. Pfannenberg’s roof mounted cooling unit provide a reliable solution: DTT 6301

Converter cooling

Pfannenberg’s chillers are used to cool the converter at the bottom of the tower: EB 30 WT