Applications for Tunnels

Pressure-change resistance and functional remote monitoring are just two examples of the special requirements that distinguish Pfannenberg equipment for safe operation in tunnels: Lötschberg, Gotthard, the Parisian motorway, Rennsteig, etc. are Pfannenberg’s best references.

Tunnel Drilling Equipment

Giant tunnel drill – cooling of the machine control with air/water heat exchangers with application-safe condensate pan (designed for +/- 11° movement of the drill): PWS 7102

Tunnel Drilling Equipment

Anti-condensation protection in the switch cabinets through energy-efficient heater/thermostat systems: FLH 250 and FLZ 510

Emergency Exit

Emergency exit sign equipped with flashing lights in case of danger: WBLR

Fire alarms

Fire alarms in the Parisian motorway tunnel (along the tunnel): WBLR

Emergency escape doors

Emergency escape door identifiers
Switzerland: out of danger: Quadro-SM-Flex synchronous and monitored
Paris: Evacuation to a room, tunnel, stairway, including 50W speakers from Pfannenberg for announcements: PS50 B


Filterfans for the cooling of controls directly on the street: PF 32.000

Lötschberg Tunnel

The electronics in the Swibox switch cabinets in the Lötschberg Tunnel are cooled with special Pfannenberg cooling units which can resist pressure fluctuations of +- 50 mbar (due to speeding trains). The units are installed on the cabinets for the cooling of control and safety equipment: DTLT (for details, please contact us)

Switch cabinets

In the world’s longest tunnel, the latest Pfannenberg cooling unit series is installed for the climate control of the electronics in the switch cabinets (resistance +- 100 mbar) (for details, please contact us). In addition, cabinets are controlled and heated with thermostats and heaters: FLH 400, FLZ 510