PAI/PAS 6173/6203

Air/air heat exchanger 85 / 100 W/K

PAI: for partially recessed mounting in the door or side
PAS: for outer mounting on the door or side

  • robust steel cover, easily paintable
  • cut-out compatible with the complete DTI/DTS 6000 cooling unit series
  • mounting-friendly seal, no elaborate reworking of the mounting cut-out
  • integrated thermostat for temperature control
  • additional thermostat for excessive temperature warning
  • maintenance-free
  • large distance between intake and exhaust vents, safe circulation within the electrical enclosure due to long passage of air, therefore hot spots are eliminated

temperature alarm

temperature control

protection system

tool-less mounting (PAI)

partially recessed mounting (PAI)

side mounting (PAS)

cut-out compatible to DT | A/W units

Technical data

DataPAI/PAS 6173PAI/PAS 6203
Rated voltage ±10 %AC 50/60 HzAC 60 HzAC 50/60 HzAC 60 Hz
230 V115 V230 V115 V
Specific cooling capacity85 W/K100 W/K
Unimpeded airflow
(free flow)
internal1175 / 1300 m³/h1340 m³/h1175 / 1300 m³/h1340 m³/h
external1175 / 1300 m³/h1340 m³/h1175 / 1300 m³/h1340 m³/h
Ambient temperature–25 … +55 °C / –13 … +131 °F
Degrees of protection
according to EN 60529
IP 54towards the electrical enclosure if used as intended by the manufacturer
IP 34towards the surroundings if used as intended by the manufacturer

Further technical details and dimensions can be found in the download section on this page under product sheet.


Description Type Size
Conformity PAX pdf 99 KB Download
Manual PAX pdf 43 MB Download
Supplement PAX 6173 pdf 180 KB Download
Supplement PAX 6203 pdf 180 KB Download
Ass.instruction filter adapter pdf 810 KB Download
Ass. Instruct. filter instal. pdf 1.7 MB Download
Supplement PAX 6173 pdf 460 KB Download
Supplement PAX 6203 pdf 460 KB Download
Description Language Type Size Download

Product sheet

  • English
pdf 1.5 MB Download

3D-model PAI (STEP)

  • English
zip 1.2 MB Download

3D-model PAS (STEP)

  • English
zip 1.3 MB Download

Cut-out PAI (DXF)

  • English
zip 9.8 KB Download

Cut-out PAS 6173 (DXF)

  • English
zip 4.3 KB Download

Cut-out PAS 6203 (DXF)

  • English
zip 14 KB Download

Ordering details

Ordering detailsPAI 6173PAS 6173PAI 6203PAS 6203
230 V ACArticle number12993511055129835110551299361105512983611055
115 V ACArticle number12993514055129835140551299361405512983614055

Options / Accessories

AccessoriesPieceArticle number
Filter adapater (RAL 7035)118310000151
Nonwoven filter518300000147

Product Benefits

  1. 1

    Integrated sealing (PAI)

    finished and perfectly mounted.

  2. 2

    Tool-free mounting (PAI)

    by 1 person is possible in less than 3 minutes with 55 % lower mounting costs.

  3. 3

    Large distance between intake and exhaust vents

    for safe air circulation and elimination of hot spots.

  4. 4

    Mounting auxiliary edge

    allows the heat exchanger to stand freely when unpacking and before installing, and prevents the unit from slipping out uncontrollably during installation into the mounting cut-out by 1 person.

  5. 5

    Service friendly

    due to direct access to the fans, thus 80 % shorter repair times.

  6. 6

    Optional pre-filter

    upgradable with aluminium, nonwoven or fluted filter, for applications with heat exchangers in different ambient conditions.

  7. 7

    Highest variability

    due to cut-out compatibility for 5 performance classes and to Pfannenberg cooling units and air/water heat exchangers.

  8. 8

    Integrated thermostat

    for temperature control; additional thermostat for excessive temperature warning and maintenancefree.

  9. 9

    Spring plate (PAI)

    enables 1 person to install the heat exchanger. This prevents it from falling out when unsupervised.