EB 140/160 OL

Chiller 14–16 kW
  • robust industry standard
  • fluid cooling with oils (viscosity range 22–68 cSt)
  • steel housing with thick powder coating
  • extremely versatile: units for operation with external pump (on site)
  • fast available solution: units with standard pumps included
  • separate cooling circuit and hydraulic circuit
  • equipped with a programmable control module that allows small hystereses of the temperature of the cooling medium
  • integration of project-specific additional components is possible on request

protection system


high viscosity oil

small hysteresis

RAL 7035

different RAL available

enhanced pump

service friendly

Caractéristiques techniques

DataEB 140 OLEB 160 OL
Rated voltage±1 %50/60 Hz AC
±10 %400 / 460 V 3~
Cooling capacity ¹O26/A3214 kW16 kW
Flow rate ²65 l/min
Ambient temperature+15 … +45 °C
Connections (medium)IG1" BSP
Noise level @ 50 Hz
according to EN ISO 3741
72 dB(A)

¹ performance data based on 50 Hz operation

² required flow rate – standard unit without pump

Further information about our Chiller options can be found under this link.

Further technical details and dimensions can be found in the download section on this page under product sheet.


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Product Sheet

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Hydraulic diagram (EB without pump)

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Hydraulic diagram (EB with pump)

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EAC Certificate

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Further documentation like datasheets, operating manual and CE declaration are available for download by entering the specific article number in our MANUALS web area. You can select an article number in the "Ordering details" section here below and then follow the link to the Manual Crawler.

Détails de commande

Ordering detailsEB 140 OLEB 160 OL
Article numberwithout pump4303140500243031605001
Article numberwith pump4303140500343031605002

Avantages du produit

  1. 1

    Oil specific components

    Custom heat exchanger specifically sized for oil cooling.

  2. 2

    Highly customisable

    Many optional features including hot gas bypass, flow switch and aluminium filter.

  3. 3

    Cooling medium

    Oils | high viscosity mixtures from 22 to 68 cSt @ +40 °C.

  4. 4

    With or without pump

    extremely versatile: units for operation with external pump (on site) - fast available solution: units with standard pumps included

  5. 5


    For indoor applications.

  6. 6


    Separate cooling circuit and hydraulic circuit. Air outlet from the top of the unit.

  7. 7

    Environment friendly

    Due to high efficiency refrigerant R410A (R407C for smaller units).

  8. 8

    Ambient conditions

    Suitable for environment temperatures up to +45 °C.