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Discover Pfannenberg's heater solutions, meticulously developed and produced in Germany. Our commitment to quality ensures unparalleled reliability and safety for your electrical enclosures with durable and robust heaters. Each solution is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards, including being touch-proofed and undergoing 100% functional reliability testing. Rest assured, our products are certified by renowned authorities such as CE, UL, and more.

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Experience seamless operations with Pfannenberg's excellent availability and on-time delivery. We understand the importance of efficiency in your operations, and our reliable supply chain ensures that your needs are met promptly, every time.

Efficient Heating Solutions: Go beyond mere heat generation with Pfannenberg's efficient heating solutions. Our heaters are engineered to protect your components while optimizing energy usage. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy expenditure—our solutions prioritize effectiveness, ensuring your electrical enclosures are safeguarded without compromise.

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Our comprehensive portfolio

Whether you need to combat chilly environments or regulate humidity levels, our heaters offer reliable solutions. Additionally, our heaters can be seamlessly integrated with thermostats and hygrostats, providing precise control over the climate within your enclosures.

We understand that every application is unique, which is why we offer a variety of sizes and types to suit your specific needs. From efficient 10W radiant heaters to powerful 1200W fan heaters, we have the perfect heating solution for enclosures of any size.

Why heaters?

End users often calculate the necessary heating power to maintain a minimum enclosure temperature based on environmental and material values. However, preventing condensation requires considering the unfavorable pairing of relative humidity and temperature. This indicates the need to avoid significant temperature differences to prevent condensation formation, which is why heaters are often used in this case. You can learn more about the right usage of elecrical enclosure heaters here. 

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Radiant Heaters vs. Fan Heaters

Radiant heaters are ideal for targeted heating of specific areas or components. No air movement is needed which means it is suitable in dusty or dirty settings where moving air could circulate contaminates. 

  • Providing direct and efficient heating
  • Completely silent 
  • More energy efficient

Fan heaters on the other hand are choosen when quick heating and temperature control is essential. Moreover fan heaters are desired in situations where air circulation can help with temperature distribution and preventing hotspots and they are sutiable for larger enclosures. 

  • Distributes heat evenly throughout the enclosure
  • Faster at reaching the desired temperature
  • More effective for maintaining a consistent temperature within the enclosure