IRES - Shopfloor Analytics

Keep your factories productive during the Corona crisis - and beyond.

The Plug & Play solution for all who want to increase efficiency and productivity. Start creating transparency.

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Digitalize your shopfloor

For the love of efficiency

Our production engineers have always had the drive for efficiency, but there came a time when they needed support. They didn´t need a consultant back then to tell them how to do their job. They just need reliable data.

When we started digitalizing our own production we experienced by ourself how difficult it is to enter the world of industry 4.0. Different machines, manufacturers, interfaces or even no machine at all, just an assembly cell.

That is why we have developed a simple and effective solution, which we are now going to share: IRES - SHOPFLOOR ANALYTICS. It supports you and your employees in visualizing the productivity of your shopfloor by displaying real-time status and by instantly providing historical data.

Experience for yourself how easy and convenient it is to gain operational efficiency and monetary savings thanks to digitalization of your production.

This is what you get:

  • Comprehensive transparency of the productivity of the shopfloors in real time.
  • Data history enables a comprehensive overview of the productivity and reveals potential for improvement.
  • Plug&Play solution is suitable for heterogeneous and homogeneous machine parks.
  • The retrofit solution is simple to use, wireless and suitable for every application

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IRES - Shopfloor analysis to the point


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Digitization creates clarity

The digital networking of different systems simplifies many areas of everyday business. Shopfloor Analytics was created from the company's own requirement to make productivity in the factory clearer and more transparent.

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