Functional Safety - SIL/PL

Pfannenberg provides SIL/PL compliant signaling devices for:
Safety of systems (SIL): EN / IEC 61508, EN / IEC 61511
Safety of machinery (PL): EN ISO 13849-1

SIL/PL-compliant signaling devices

As a leading manufacturer of industrial signaling solutions we offer both optical and acoustic SIL/PL-compliant signaling devices.

As a rule, alarm equipment performs a safety protection function on machines and systems. Therefore, the consequences of an error in the signaling devices always present a potential risk if not seen.

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Definition SIL / PL

Safety Integrity Level (SIL):  is defined as a relative level of risk-reduction provided by a safety function, or to specify a target level of risk reduction. In simple terms, SIL is a measurement of performance required for a safety instrumented function (SIF).

Performance Level (PL): is a value used to define the ability of safety-related parts of control systems to perform a safety function under foreseeable conditions. It is the level of performance under which all or part of an existing building functions with respect to its building systems.