Current product safety advisory for CWB-ATEX 230V AC

Danger of overheating under certain conditions when used outdoors

 At Pfannenberg we have very high demands on the safety and quality of the products we sell. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to a product safety advisory regarding the signaling device type CWB-ATEX 230V AC.

The reason for this product safety advisory is a complaint from the field that conductive liquid came in a product of the type CWB-ATEX (230 V AC), which was installed in the outdoor area of a plant. As a result, the surface temperature rose above the permissible level for operation in potentially explosive areas without the upstream circuit breaker having tripped.

We would therefore like to expressly point out that, as a result of moisture ingress, the products of the type CWB-ATEX 230V AC may overheat beyond the permissible level during operation.

What is the danger if conductive liquid gets into the signaling device?

If the product is operated in an explosive atmosphere, there is a risk of an explosion, which can seriously injure the operator and uninvolved third parties. However, there is currently no known case in which persons were injured!

As far as currently known, this error pattern can only occur under the following simultaneous conditions:

  • installation outdoors
  • direct weathering
  • vertical upward orientation of the light
  • Ingress of conductive liquid (normal water is not sufficient)

Due to the then possible overheating, there is a high risk in the vicinity of gases of temperature classes T6 to T4 and of flammable dusts with smouldering temperatures below 255 °C or ignition temperatures below 180 °C.

What to do if you have products of the type CWB-ATEX 230V AC in use?

  1. There is no imminent risk when the CWB-ATEX 230V (AC) is installed indoors.
  2. If you operate products with of a voltage type of 230V outdoors in direct weather conditions, please check these products for possible water ingress by guiding the optical lens side of the device downwards.

    If there is water in the signaling device (visually recognizable in the lens area), stop operating the product immediately!

    In case the operation of your plant does not allow a short-term shutdown of the signaling device, please contact us for replacement solutions via the contact mentioned below.
  3. Please report all 230V AC products (type, number, and installation conditions) that you operate. Use the checklist provided for this purpose (see download below) and send it to the following e-mail address: 

    Based on your information, we will determine in consultation with you whether an immediate replacement of the device is necessary.
  4. Please note that for signal devices of the type CWB-ATEX 230V AC, when installed outdoors, a regular check for water ingress and a function check (at least every six months) must be carried out by the user.

How can I identify affected products?

Devices with the following part number or voltage type identification may be affected:

31006101000 - CWB ATEX 230 AC 50/60Hz PC CL

31006103000 - CWB ATEX 230 AC 50/60Hz PC YE

31006104000 - CWB ATEX 230 AC 50/60Hz PC AM

31006105000 - CWB ATEX 230 AC 50/60Hz PC RD

31006105100 - CWB ATEX 230 AC 50/60Hz PC RD

31006107000 - CWB ATEX 230 AC 50/60Hz PC BU

The devices, that may show moisture ingress, were manufactured from 2015 to present. The manufacturing date (week / year) can be read on the type label.

Can I continue to operate the other voltage types of CWB-ATEX?

Yes, currently the explosion protection is guaranteed for all other voltage variants according to the product certification.

What must be considered for the other voltage types?

Outdoor applications under direct weathering can also lead to water ingress. We recommend checking these signaling devices regularly (e.g. twice a year) to prevent a possible undetected functional failure.

If you have any further questions, you can also reach us by phone on our service number +49 40 73412 222. Our service team is available from Mon - Fri from
09:00 am to 03:00 pm (CET).

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you expressly for your understanding and cooperation.

Your Pfannenberg Global Quality Management   

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Product Safety Advisory CWB-ATEX 230V AC

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