We make the world a bit safer.

Our products mainly offer one thing: Protecting people, machines, and the environment. They reliably warn against dangers and protect valuable and important electrotechnical systems.

The goal: A smooth and accident-free daily operation of the production processes. Possible effects on our environment are already analysed and avoided or minimised in the development phase. Active and innovative environmental protection plays an important role in product development, service and production methods.

It is our employees who carry this motivation into the world. Find your own place in this mission.

Some more fundamentals ...

Pfannenberg already committed itself to clear corporate principles more than 25 years ago, which have remained up to date and are carried out to the benefit of our customers and employees.

  • Customers: Our mission is to provide our customers with a high level of security and profitability.
  • Environment: We feel committed to protecting the environment. Products, manufacturing methods and service comply with this idea.
  • Products: All products have a high technical standard. Quality and price are based on value-analytical principles.
  • Capital: Corporate security is a priority. Profitability goes before expansion. Liquidity goes before profitability.