High cooling capacity – small footprint

The new EB 180 and EB 220 expand Pfannenberg’s EB Series product portfolio.

Hamburg, 12 January 2022. With the new EB 180 and EB 220, we can offer significantly more power (up to 22 kW) on a small footprint. The design uses advanced components with the dual objective to ensure maximum performance and optimize energy efficiency of our chillers.

Both of the new EB units come with numerous advantages which are typical for the EB Series:

  • High ambient temperature range (up to 45°C)
  • High performance density
  • MCHX technology: Using microchannel heat exchangers for condenser coil design allows more efficient and compact solutions. The additional air filter provides greater maintenance intervals.
  • Smart hydraulic circuit: Entirely non-ferrous, it may be used with deionised water. Big tank volume with water refilling, level indicator and pressure gauge on the front panel.
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Easy handling

The EB series is also well prepared for customizations to integrate it perfectly in customer systems.

Find more information about the the EB 180 and EB 220 here.

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High cooling capacity - small footprint

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