PMF LED HI - High light quality with standard day/night reduction

Pfannenberg presents a robust and reliable multifunction light for industrial applications.

Electrical engineering specialist Pfannenberg has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of the PMF LED HI. Equipped with three signal options, eight different operating modes and a wide signaling area of up to 411 metres, this multifunction light is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

It also offers day/night reduction, individually switchable sectors and inrush current limitation. Due to its robust design and its very wide temperature range, down to -40 °C, the PMF LED HI is particularly suitable for harsh environments.

This light is found not only in areas such as the automotive industry, plant construction and logistics, but also in open-cast mining, heavy industry and the maritime sector.

Customised signaling

Each application has different requirements and conditions for signaling. The flexibility of the PMF LED HI is particularly impressive: It offers a total of three signal options in a single light - blinking, flashing and rotating beacon. In comparison to other manufacturers, the signal option can also be changed afterwards and does not have to be defined before use.

You can also choose between eight different operating modes, whereby individual sectors are switched off in order to align the signaling even more precisely and avoid unwanted reflections or glare.

The multifunction light is also available in all common signal colours and can be adapted to specific applications. When the lens is clear, the luminous intensity is 315cd.

The Fresnel lens provides a wide signaling area of up to 411 metres. The PMF LED HI shows its strengths especially with mounting heights of three metres or more.

A strip in the middle of the lens ensures particularly good light distribution or scattering. This effect only occurs with increasing mounting height.

Reliable for more than 50,000 operating hours

The PMF LED HI is not only versatile, but also robust: More than 50,000 operating hours are possible, regardless of the conditions. The signal lamp can withstand temperatures from -40 to +55 °C and is also resistant to shock and vibrations.

The reason for this is the compact and robust design of the lights, which are designed with protection class IP 55. Due to the lack of mechanical components, there is no wear or malfunction, as is usually the case with classic rotating mirror lights. The standard day/night reduction becomes effective from an illuminance level of 50lux. It can be activated at any time as required.

Despite the long operating time and the large operating voltage and signaling area, the PMF LED HI has a low current consumption. With a nominal voltage of 24VDC and a wide-range power supply, higher supply voltages can be compensated. The standard inrush current suppression ensures further energy savings.

The PMF LED HI thus has the right parameters for every industrial application and, thanks to its robust design, can be used both indoors and outdoors. The signaling device is also available as an SIL/PL version.