PYRA® LED M series - Best 3D-Coverage for numerous applications

The new PYRA® LED M series offers the right solution for almost any application when it comes to visual and audible warning and indication.

One year after the introduction of PYRA® LED S, the big sister of the LED light is now available. The signaling devices of the PYRA® LED M series impress with a higher light output and offer greater 3D-Coverage as well as all-round visibility. This is due to a double number of installed LEDs as well as a high, pyramid-shaped lens with excellent 360 degree radiation characteristics.

Numerous features ensure maximum flexibility

The new LED series comprises four different devices with several common advantageous features. For example, the blink and flash frequency as well as the visual signaling mode can be freely selected for all devices, what enables their use in numerous applications. With the exception of the function-monitored model, all devices are also available with either a single colour or a multi colour LED. With the latter different situations can be displayed with only one light. This saves unnecessary stockkeeping and offers maximum flexibility.

Perfectly suitable for sensitive applications

PY L-M is a high-performance LED light that scores with maximum visibility in addition to a large signaling area. It is also optionally available as a function-monitored model, which ensures greater safety even in sensitive applications where a signal must be sent in the event of a malfunction of the signaling device.

Light and sound for maximum perceptibility

The PA L 5 and PY L-MA are visual-audible combination devices and also part of the series. In addition to the pyramid-shaped LED lens, PA L 5 is equipped with a powerful PATROL® sounder, which has a wide range of tones to choose from and an external tone selection. This always guarantees the best coverage and allows the use for a wide range of different applications and situations where an audible alarm is primarily required.

PY L-MA, on the other hand, has a more discreet appearance and the main focus lies on light output. Due to its flat design, it can be integrated inconspicuously into the design of a machine, but in the event of a status indication, it convinces with best all-round visibility as well as with an integrated and powerful sounder with 101 dB(A).

Quick, easy and safe installation

All signaling devices of the PYRA® LED M series can be mounted safely, quickly, and easily. This is made possible by various beneficial features such as external lugs and internal holes, captive and in its position fixed locking elements as well as the electrical connection in the base.

Used wherever warning or indication is required

The devices can be used wherever there is a need for warning and indication in industrial environments. Whether status indication of machines, rooms or areas, indication of fill levels of containers or silos, in intralogistics, in material handling or indoors or outdoors - the application possibilities are countless.

You want to learn more about the signal devices of the new PYRA® LED M series? For more information, simply click on the appropriate product:

PY L-M (Multi or single colour LED light)
PY L-M-M (Function-monitored LED light)
PA L 5 (Sounder/LED combination)
PY L-MA (LED/sounder combination)