USP in marine fire alerting

Pfannenberg provides signaling solutions with MED certification according to currently applicable standards.

The electrical technology specialist Pfannenberg is currently the only manufacturer of signaling solutions for fire alerting with a MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certification according to the latest standards and can thus supply systems for use in the marine industry even after 1 June 2019. Owing to products proven over many years and its continuous quality assurance, Pfannenberg provides audible and combined (visual-audible) signaling devices that withstand the harsh environments of the marine industry, especially regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and ensure reliable alerting. The signaling devices of the PATROL series are certified according to the latest European Directive 2014/90/EU and thus also comply with the standards of the new Implementing Regulation 2018/773/EU. 1 June 2019 marks the end of the transitional period stipulated by the Regulation for ships flying the flag of an EU country, so that new devices that fail to meet the latest standards must no longer be installed as from that date. Internationally, the requirements on products used on ships are regulated by the IACS (International Association of Classification Societies). Here, compliance with the latest standards for signaling devices will be required as from 1 January 2022.

Clear rules to ensure reliable fire alerting in harsh environments

On ships and shipyards, signaling devices are exposed to high mechanical stress such as heavy or constant vibrations and hard impacts. In addition, the requirements on the electromagnetic compatibility, which must withstand the harsh conditions of shipping, are higher. For in a case of emergency the signaling devices must work here with reliability. Therefore, the EU Marine Equipment Directive mandates that only MED-certified products are permitted for fire alerting on ships. According to the MED, the signaling devices must comply with the Directive 2014/90/EU and also with the latest standards of the Implementing Regulation 2018/773/EU. The Regulation uses the harmonised standards IEC 60092-504 "Electrical Installations in Ships - Part 504: Automation, Control and Instrumentation" and IEC 60533 "Electrical and Electronic Installations in Ships - Electromagnetic Compatibility” in the respective current version, which contain significant changes in respect of the EMC. Moreover, the most recent version of EN 54-3:2014 must be complied with.

Transitional period ended on 1 June 2019

Once any regulation or standard for marine equipment is changed, signaling devices with obsolete certificates must no longer be used on ships and shipyards. Precisely such a change became effective in May 2018. The Implementing Regulation 2018/773/EU supersedes the former Directive 2017/306/EU and implements the MED standards in practice. It contains concrete specifications regarding the design and performance requirements as well as the first and last-time positioning on board a ship or at the shipyard. In addition, it refers to further standards to be complied with. The installation of sounders acc. to IEC 60092-504 (2016) and IEC60533 (2015) as well as EN 54-3 (2014) was already being restricted in the transitional period. Since 1 June 2019, new installation is no longer permitted.

“The new MED in conjunction with the IACS requirements of the classification societies becomes effective worldwide and is mandatory for almost all ships. Since 1 June 2019, the MED and the respective Implementing Regulation has been compulsory especially for ships flying the flag of an EU country. We are proud that our signaling devices meet the requirements of the new directives and thus pose no risk for the ship’s acceptance,” says Volker Matthies, Global Product Manager Signaling Technology at Pfannenberg.

MED-certified signaling devices from Pfannenberg

Pfannenberg’s PATROL series provides a broad range of MED-certified sounders (PA) and sounder/flashing light combinations (PA X). Apart from the MED certification the products of the PATROL series are also approved according to DNV-GL and offer in addition to a 10-year product guarantee highest levels of reliability, availability and delivery performance.