The best for your application: Our original parts.

There is only one substitute for the high quality of our components: our original parts. With these, you benefit from our many years’ experience in the development and manufacturing of cooling units for electrical enclosures, filterfans, chillers and signaling devices.

Perfect functionality – guaranteed.

Our original parts go through comprehensive tests and fulfil the highest quality standards. They are optimally adapted to our units and not only offer the desired functionality but also contain the guarantee for the respective whole product. Additionally, every improvement within the framework of our product development is of direct value to you.

Durability and an excellent price-performance-ratio make our original parts particularly economical. So that they can reach you as quickly as possible when necessary, we provide an uncomplicated delivery to every location of the world.

Spare part kits – ready for worldwide delivery.

We have bundled the most frequently requested spare parts and wearing parts into two kits: an electro kit and a cooling kit. We ensure quick and global delivery with these, and help you to reduce possible downtime to a minimum.

Our original spare parts kits include:

Electro kit

  • Fans.
  • Electric components.
  • Pump gasket kit (chillers).

Cooling kit

  • Compressor.
  • Expansion valve.
  • Pressure Switch.

The advantages of our original spare part kits:

  • In the event of failure, the immediate availability of the spare parts that are needed most frequently.
  • Downtime is reduced to a minimum or longer downtime is avoided.
  • The electro kit can be installed by a trained industrial electrician.

Only with original parts from Pfannenberg can you be sure that ...

  • they are the right parts.
  • they fit.
  • they are in stock.
  • they can be delivered quickly.
  • you don’t lose any valuable time.
  • the proper functionality is guaranteed.
  • the guarantee for your whole unit remains intact.

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