Energy-efficient for the future

The new Pfannenberg Green Series DTI/DTS 6000 cooling units

Hamburg, 1 March 2022. Cooling units protect sensitive electronics of modern production processes from overheating and thus prevent production downtimes. In order to maintain an optimal operating temperature, cooling units often require a lot of energy. With the new Green Series, Pfannenberg has now succeeded in taking a significant step towards energy efficiency. The new DTI/DTS 6000 cooling units not only provide reliable cooling, but go hand in hand with significantly lower energy consumption than many conventional units.

Energy-efficient and future-proof

Thanks to the further development of the DTI/DTS 6000 cooling units, energy savings of up to 11% can be achieved. In addition, the refrigerant requirement is reduced to half. This minimises the use of resources, lowers the Global Warming Potential and supports the goals of the European F-Gas Regulation. 

All units of the new Green Series are already certified according to "UL 60335 listed". The addition of "listed" makes certification easier, as the units do not have to be approved as part of the overall system. In addition, the degree of protection has been increased from IP54 to IP55. This means that the units are not only protected against dust and splashing water, but are also resistant to water jets from any angle.

Intelligent commissioning

By using a QuickSwitch, it is now fast and easy to switch between 400V and 460V, even with the 3-phase units. Furthermore, the cut-out compatibility of all power classes with each other, with predecessor units and also with other cooling concepts is maintained. This simplifies retrofitting with the Green Series.

To find out the energy savings, Pfannenberg provides its customers with an online energy efficiency calculator. The savings potential can thus be determined in advance. The Green Series units can be ordered immediately and will be available for delivery from May 2022.

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