Discover individual and cost-efficient solutions based on standard products or customised solutions. In the framework of our consultative approach – the Pfannenberg Advantage™ – we find the best response to every challenge.

Pfannenberg Advantage™: A results driven, 4 step process that begins and ends with the user.

  1. Needs assessment

  2. Solution development

  3. ROI analysis

  4. Implementation

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Our route to individual and cost efficient solutions. The Pfannenberg Advantage™.

In the framework of our four-level consultative approach, we analyse certain needs and accomplish specific solutions. Take a look at examples of our work for clients in a wide range of different applications and discover what we can for you – from developing customised solutions to validating your own products.

Trusted partner for R&D. Whenever you need us.

Sharing Competence – sums up our mission concerning collaboration with our clients. This is not merely a question of sharing expertise, but of dynamically fostering future innovation. We know what it takes to turn an initial idea into a finished product.


Open for product validation: our test laboratories.

The quality of a product is apparent during its validation process. Our mission is to provide maximum quality; we subject our products to rigorous tests and check them thoroughly for compliance with the appropriate standards.