Small, but...

The new PTF 1200 top filter fan impresses with its compact size combined with high cooling capacity.

The needed cooling capacity for electric enclosures steadily rises due to increased packing density in general and increased amount of power electronics required. But due to space constraints, there is not always the chance to combine several single filter fans. Since there have been no filterfans with such high air performance until now, many customers use cooling units in applications - with the associated high costs - although the use of filter fans would generally be possible.

This is why Pfannenberg developped a COMPACT TOP FILTER FAN SYSTEM that provides more air at a higher ingress protection than any other on the market.

Product benefits:

  • To enhance the idea of modularity, it will be possible to combine two units on a standard sized enclosure (2 x 300 mm width) and get an unparalleled effective air-flow.
  • Its effective high pressure resistance provides a steadily high airflow even when the filtermat begins to clogg. This results in longer maintenance intervalls.
  • Energy efficiency requirements from the new ERP directive are exceeded which gives the engineer security for the future.
  • Low energy consumption saves costs for the end-user.
  • The service life of the EC fan is significantly increased compared to the previously used AC fans.
  • The all-metal sheet housing will provide a better electro-magnetic-compatibility than other topmounted filter fans in the market.

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