Software assistant SISTEMA

Safety characteristics of SIL / PL products for quick and error-free adoption in SISTEMA projects.

The manufacturer-independent calculation tool SISTEMA, from the German Occupational Health and Safety Department (IFA) helps by the evaluation of safety-related control systems according to EN ISO 13849-1 and simplifies risk analysis.

The Windows tool builds the structure of the safety-related control components (SRF/CS, Safety-Related Parts of a Control System) based on the so-called provided architectures and calculates the reliability values at various detailed levels including the achieved Performance Level (PL).

Please click here to proceed with the download of the Pfannenberg SISTEMA library

Further information and the SISTEMA software download directly from IFA (German Occupational Health and Safety Department).

The SISTEMA Cookbook

In order to simplify the handling of SISTEMA software an open series of SISTEMA Cookbooks is available. There are six Cookbooks available which can be downloaded on the website of the German Occupational Health and Safety Department (IFA).

Click here to download the latest versions of the SISTEMA Cookbooks.