Commissioning. The perfect start.

There is no substitute for professional commissioning. It prevents malfunctions and damage to machines. This applies to the complex configuration of cold water aggregates in particular.

Our service technicians support you in:

  • Conversion, expansion or dislocation of your existing cooling units.
  • Questions on technical support for your cooling applications.
  • Commissioning new devices in your production plants.
  • Handling and completing the organisation’s commissioning.

Commissioning includes the following:

  • Checking the coolant piping system at cold water plants for professional dimensioning and designing prior to the piping assembly.
  • Connection of the cold water aggregates to the coolant piping system.
  • Professional installation of devices to the power supply network.
  • Filling the cold water aggregates and the connected piping system with the coolant, such as water, salt water, etc.
  • Test operation and commissioning of the complete plant system.
  • Measuring and documenting all relevant technical data.
  • System transfer to the operator.
  • Creating a system transfer log.

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