Certified optimum performance.

Rely on signaling devices which meet the highest standards in terms of impact and vibration-resistance in a range of different protection classes.

Outstanding impact and vibration resistance.

Our DNV-GL certified signaling devices are impervious to vibration, jarring and impact. Their PCB components are attached very firmly to prevent damage from vibration. Furthermore, they are fitted with metal brackets which absorb or attenuate oscillation and vibration. However, this is not all.

Higher resistance to impact and shock.

In heavy industry or logistics, for example, signaling devices are exposed to particularly high levels of mechanical stress. For applications in these and other challenging areas, we offer DNV-GL certified signaling devices which also have IK08 protection classification. Even without a protective cage, they resist high levels of mechanical stress and are guaranteed to function reliably at all times.

Impregnable to dust and water, UV stable, heat tolerant and frostproof.

Many of our DNV-GL certified signaling devices are equipped with other features such as aluminium housing and have high protection classifications such as IP 66 or IP 67 which means that they are impervious to strong jets of water and short periods of immersion in water and to aggressive media. All this qualifies them for use in particularly challenging conditions.

Easy and safe planning: Pfannenberg Sizing Software PSS.

Our Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS) is a cost-free and very user-friendly tool which delivers an immediate and informed recommendation on devices, avoiding expensive over-specification and risky under-specification at the planning stage or in a review of the configuration.

Immediately see device performance for a given space: Pfannenberg 3D-Coverage.

Our signaling devices are outstandingly efficient. The 3D-Coverage planning method along with the Pfannenberg Sizing Software provides reliable values for the length, width and height of the area guaranteed to be covered by the signal in relation to different environmental conditions.

Products created for extreme conditions.

Type Vibration- and
shock resistant
Higher resistance
to impact
IP system ≥66 Impervious
to seawater
UV stable –40 °C +55 °C
PATROL sounders
PA 1, PA 5, PA 10, PA 20
+ + + + o + +
PATROL flashing sounders
PA X 1-05, PA X 5-05
+ + + + o + +
DS sounders
DS 5, DS 10
+ + + + + + +
PYRA® flashing lights
PY X-S-05
+ + + + o + +
PMF flashing lights
PMF 2020
+ o o + +
WBL/WBS, ABL/ABS flashing lights
+ o o + + +
WBLR/WBSR flashing lights
+ o o + o + +
CWB Ex-ATEX flashing lights
+ + + + + + +

+ recommended

- not recommended

o applicable