Chiller for Covid Swab Production

During 2020 we could equip thermoforming machines for swabs packaging with our CCE 6301 CUS unit.

Italy has not only been home to the largest coronavirus outbreak outside the Asian continent in March 2020, it is also the country in which most of the swabs for microbiological analysis and testing are produced.  One of the main and most reliable diagnostic tools is the so-called nasal/oro-pharyngeal swab which is a test that allows the presence of a SARS-Cov-2 virus to be detected in the body.

To manufacture them is an Italian-based company, capable of producing 1.2 million buffer kits every week - a rate that has increased since the previous output of 900 thousand kits with the epidemic. The company's exports have a global reach: Europe and America are the two reference markets, although, with the rise of the coronavirus in China, the delivery of swabs to China has increased by 70%.

Overall, the company exports 90% of its production abroad.

To keep up with the growing demand for swabs, in 2020 alone this company has ordered our client 20 new thermoforming machines for swabs packaging, all equipped with a CCE 6301 CUS unit (and a tank of PP20E each).

These twenty air-cooled 2.4 kW chillers provide cooling process to plastic moulds to improve molded products quality and cut down injection cycle time. Hence maximizes plastic molding machines’productivity in a small footprint.

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