Case Study

LINDEN COMANSA – signaling devices for tower cranes on offshore drilling rigs

The best performance in extreme conditions.

The application

While an oil platform is a fixed installation for producing oil/gas, a rig is a moveable installation for drilling wells that oil/gas can (hopefully) be produced from. On a platform there is very little space. Cranes are used for moving things around to make best use of it. They are designed and engineered to operate in the most severe ambient conditions.

When it comes to equipping the cranes with audible and visual signaling devices, safety, reliability and durability are equally high requirements. In this project – an offshore drilling rig near Dubai – Comansa had to equip 17 cranes with visual alarms for aircaft warning and helicopter landing plus audible alarms for emergency alert.

The customer

Linden Comansa is a multinational company specialised in tower cranes that offers its services worldwide. More than 50 years of experience designing, manufacturing, supplying and offering support services for tower cranes for construction, together with the trust of numerous customers worldwide, makes Comansa one of the sector´s leading specialist companies. It´s range of tower cranes is one of the most complete on the market, offering a wide variety of models designed for optimal performance in any type of construction project: residential, commercial, infrastructure, industrial, mining, energy, shipyards, etc.

The solution

Due to the need for high reliability in critical outdoors installations, Comansa has successfully applied POL 32-M as an obstacle light for aircraft warning, Quadro-LED-HI for helicopter landing signaling and DS 10 as an emergency sounding alarm.

Comansa chose our high quality products because of the highest level of protection for extreme conditions together with a long term agreement with Pfannenberg ensuring warranty and worldwide support. Our products' robustness, reliability, quality and worldwide service has been the key to success.

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