DTI/DTS 6501

Green Series cooling units 2500W

DTI: for partially recessed mounting of the cooling unit in the door or side
DTS: for outer mounting of the cooling unit on the door or side
• Highest energy efficiency for significant energy savings and operating cost reduction
• Significantly less refrigerant used
• UL listed according to UL 60335 for long-term planning even after 2024
• Large distance between intake and exhaust vents, safe circulation within the
electrical enclosure due to long passage of air, therefore hot spots are eliminated
• Exceptional serviceability
• Service port for easy retrieval of parameter settings/history
(Pfannenberg εCOOL-Plant software necessary)
• Optional filter (easy to retrofit – toolless)

Energy efficient

reduced refrigerant

UL 60335

partially recessed mounting (DTI)

side mounting (DTS)

protection system

large distance in /out

cut-out like A/A | A/W units

tool-less mounting (DTI)

tool-less filter mat changing

service friendly

UL listed for Canada and US

EurAsian Conformity

Technical data

DataDTI 6501DTS 6501
Rated voltage ¹ ±10 %AC 50/60 Hz
400 V 3~
Cooling capacity
according to EN 14511
A35/A352500 W
A35/A501800 W
Ambient temperature+10 … +55 °C / +50 … +131 °F
Degrees of protection
according to EN 60529
IP 55towards the electrical enclosureif used as intended by the manufacturer
Condensate managementintegrated condensate evaporation system with safety overflow

1 400 V units can be operated at 460 V by quick switch

Further technical details, and dimensions can be found in the download section on this page under product sheet.

Further technical details and dimensions can be found in the download section on this page under product sheet.


Description Type Size
Conformity DTx 6xx1 pdf 54 KB Download
Conformity_UKCA_085507009_Rev01_Mar24_DTI_DTS6xx1.pdf pdf 37 KB Download
Ass.instruction filter adapter pdf 810 KB Download
Op.ins. DTx 64/6501 SC 400V pdf 22 MB Download
Op.ins. DTx 64/6501 MC 400V pdf 27 MB Download
Short operat. instruction pdf 710 KB Download
Filter 280x330 IP54/Type12 pdf 42 KB Download
Fluted filter 280x330 IP55 pdf 32 KB Download
Ass. Instruct. filter instal. pdf 1.7 MB Download
Description Language Type Size Download

Product sheet

  • English
pdf 560 KB Download


  • English
zip 7.3 MB Download

Cut-out DTI (DXF)

  • English
zip 5.8 KB Download

Cut-out DTS (DXF)

  • English
zip 5.9 KB Download

EAC certificate

  • Russian
pdf 1.6 MB Download

Further software tools for digital product integration into your planning and documentation (such as Eplan macros) can be found at MyPfannenberg.

Ordering details

Ordering detailsDTI 6501
TypeRated voltage400 V AC
Standard ControllerArticle number13899512055
Multi ControllerArticle number13899522055
Ordering detailsDTS 6501
TypeRated voltage400 V AC
Standard ControllerArticle number13889512055
Multi ControllerArticle number13889522055

Options / Accessories

AccessoriesPieces / packArticle number
Filter adapter118310000151
Aluminium filter118300000149
Vlies filter518300000147
Fluted filter518300000148

Product Benefits

  1. 1

    Tool-free mounting (DTI)

    by 1 person is possible in less than 3 minutes with 55 % lower mounting costs.

  2. 2

    Integrated condensate evaporation

    no puddles of water under the device for increased operation safety.

  3. 3

    Integrated sealing (DTI)

    finished and perfectly mounted.

  4. 4

    Ready for year 2024

    UL listed according to UL 60335 for long-term planning even after 2024

  5. 5

    Maximum safe operation

    IP55 and steel cover (no plastic)

  6. 6

    Quick switch

    easiest switch between 400 V and 460 V operation