PA X 1-05

PATROL flashing sounders max. 105 dB(A) / 5 J

PATROL – the new generation of sounder/flashing light combinations. Three dimensional innovation;

  • safe; an incorrect installation is virtually impossible
  • easy; significantly shorter assembly and installation times
  • economical; extremely high efficiency and good penetration of acoustical obstacles significantly reduce the required number of sounders
  • pre-wired sounder and light ex works

Download Revit BIM libraries here

protection system

impact-proof housing


operating temperatur

acoustic penetration

external tone selection

SSM 24V DC (option)


Germanischer Lloyd (option)

MED option

EurAsian Conformity

UL approved

24 V DC

24 V DC

24 V DC

connector (option)

Pfannenberg 3D-Coverage

PA X-1-05 – Size of visual coverage (A x B x C in meter)

Indicate Warning Alert
To display other values click the CLEAR SELECTION field. Now select the desired lens colors or alarm levels.

The figures shown are mainly for a quick orientation. For an individual and precise interpretation please use Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS).

Technical data

Electrical dataPA X 1-05
Rated voltage230 V AC115 V AC24 V DC
Rated frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Operating range187–255 V90–135 V18–30 V
Nominal current consumption65–70 mA110–130 mA315–365 mA

Further technical details can be found in the Download section on this page.


Description Type Size
Quick Guide PA(X) 1/ PA(X) 5 pdf 1.6 MB Download
MANUAL PA(X) 1 pdf 2.9 MB Download
Description Language Type Size Download

Product Sheet

  • English
pdf 4.6 MB Download

3D-Model (IGS)

  • English
zip 920 KB Download

3D-Model (SAT)

  • English
zip 940 KB Download

3D-Model (STEP)

  • English
zip 700 KB Download

Drawing (DWG)

  • German
  • English
dwg 1.6 MB Download

Support for planning

  • English
pdf 1.1 MB Download

Declaration of performance

  • English
  • German
pdf 140 KB Download

Declaration of Conformity

  • German
  • English
pdf 54 KB Download

EC Declaration of Conformity (MED)

  • English
pdf 30 KB Download

CNBOP Certificate

  • Polish
pdf 1.9 MB Download

EN 54 Certificate

  • German
  • English
pdf 83 KB Download

MED Certificate

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pdf 150 KB Download

DNV/GL Type Approval

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pdf 78 KB Download

UL Certificate

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pdf 150 KB Download

VdS Approval

  • German
  • English
pdf 530 KB Download

EAC Certificate

  • Russian
pdf 1.3 MB Download

Ordering details

Ordering detailshousing redPA X 1-05
VersionRated voltage230 V AC115 V AC24 V DC
clear lensArticle number233111010002331115100023311801000*
yellow lensArticle number233111030002331115300023311803000
amber lensArticle number233111040002331115400023311804000
red lensArticle number233111050002331115500023311805000*
Ordering detailshousing greyPA X 1-05
VersionRated voltage230 V AC115 V AC24 V DC
clear lensArticle number233111010552331115105523311801055*
yellow lensArticle number233111030552331115305523311803055
amber lensArticle number233111040552331115405523311804055
red lensArticle number233111050552331115505523311805055*

* devices with EN 54-3 and EN 54-23 approval

To make the order process easy for you and to ensure a secure delivery, please see the information on the final article numbers.

Article numbers for products with further lens colours and voltages on request.

Options / Accessories


Signaling technology – PATROL: new sounder generation

Audio Samples

Product Benefits

  1. 1

    Captive fasteners

    Installation and assembly is simplified and screws cannot get lost.

  2. 2

    Flash tube

    Xenon strobe generates highly visible light without sensitive filaments and is inherently resistant to shock and vibration.

  3. 3

    Selectable audible notification

    Choice of 80 unique alarm tones with four stages of tone control for distinctive signalling of specific events.

  4. 4

    Plug and socket connections

    Upper and lower sections combine positively to simplify installation. When separated, electrical hazards are eliminated for handling.

  5. 5

    Shape-moulded gasket

    Stays in-place and cannot get lost.