PWI/PWS 6152 1.5kW

εCOOL air/water heat exchangers 1500 W

PWI: for partially recessed mounting in the door or side
PWS: for outer mounting on the door or side

  • robust: steel cover, easily paintable
  • offers the highest degree of safety and energy efficiency
  • cut-out compatible with εCOOL system e. g. for air/air heat exchangers and cooling units
  • easy mounting with click and fit system for partially recessed version PWI
  • maintenance-free
  • integrated thermostat and solenoid valve for temperature control
  • integrated temperature monitoring with alarm contact

partially recessed mounting (PWI)

side mounting (PWS)

protection system

top EER / energy saving

temperature alarm

temperature control

large distance in /out

cut-out compatible to DT | A/A units

tool-less mounting (PWI)

Technical data

DataPWI/PWS 6152
Rated voltage ±10 %50/60 Hz AC60 Hz AC
400 V230 V115 V
Cooling capacity at 200 l/hW10/A351500 W
Ambient temperature+1 … +70 °C / +34 … +158 °F
Water inlet temperature> +2 … +35 °C / +34 … +95 °F
Degrees of protection
according to EN 60529
IP 55towards the electrical enclosure
if used as intended by the manufacturer

Further technical details and dimensions can be found in the download section on this page under product sheet.


Description Type Size
CE DECLARATION pdf 240 KB Download
Short operat. instruction pdf 1.0 MB Download
Op. inst. PWx 6152 230V 115V pdf 7.0 MB Download
Op. inst. PWx 6152 400V 460V pdf 4.5 MB Download
Description Language Type Size Download

Product sheet

  • English
pdf 220 KB Download

3D-model PWI (STEP)

  • English
zip 1.6 MB Download

3D-model PWS (STEP)

  • English
zip 3.4 MB Download

Cut-out PWI (DXF)

  • English
zip 6.9 KB Download

Cut-out PWS (DXF)

  • English
zip 9.2 KB Download

UL recognized certificate

  • English
pdf 390 KB Download

EAC certificate

  • Russian
pdf 1.7 MB Download

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Ordering details

Ordering detailsPWI 6152
Rated voltage400 V230 V115 V
Article number128923090551289230105512892304055
Ordering detailsPWS 6152
Rated voltage400 V230 V115 V
Article number128823090551288230105512882304055

Article numbers for other types on request.


Introducing the εCOOL cooling units (DTI/DTS/DTT 6xxx).

Product Benefits

  1. 1

    Process reliability

    • High airflow rate and cooling capacity.
    • The heat load will not be transferred to the ambient air.
    • Integrated temperature monitoring with alarm contact.

  2. 2

    High resilience

    • High IP protection (IP 55).
    • Also available with V4A tubing and stainless steel cover for operation under aggressive environmental conditions.
    • Independent from the ambient temperature at the place of installation.

  3. 3

    Service and mounting-friendly

    • Compact design.
    • Seal requires no elaborate reworking of the mounting cut-out.
    • Maintenance-free.

  4. 4

    Easy mounting

    with tool-less clamps system for partially sunk-in version PWI.

  5. 5

    High efficiency

    Offers the highest degree of safety and energy efficiency.

  6. 6

    Cut-out compatible

    with εCOOL system e.g. for air/air heat exchangers and cooling units.

  7. 7

    Steel cover

    The cover is made of sheet steel and can therefore be coloured easily.

  8. 8


    • System-compatible with chillers.
    • Can be integrated in existing cooling circuits.
    • Integrated thermostat and solenoid valve for energyefficient temperature control.